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Scalable Output

Our facility has over 10,000 square meters of working space and 300 full time staff. This together with our refined production process and investment in equipment allows for over 2000 tons of finished cast steel products annually.


Our current range of key production equipment includes 11 vertical and horizontal wax injection machines, 8 shell building machines, 2 de-waxing machines, 4 HF industrial casting furnaces, 12 post casting shell removal, cutting and blasting machines, and 4 CNC finishing machines.

Key Areas

Acewell Facility

1.Ultrasonic Cleaning 2.CNC Machining Area 3.Packing Area 4.QC Offices 5.R & D Offices
6.Laser Welding 7.Packing Area 8.Storage 9.Forming Area 10.Sand Blasting
11.Welding Area 12.Acid Wash 13.Material Testing 14.Sand Blasting 15.Pre-treatment
16.Steel Pouring Area 17.Shell Mould Material 18.Dipping Room 19.Mould Assembly 20.Shell Dry Zone
21.Mould Trimming 22.De-Waxing 23.Material Storage 24.Model Room 25.Shell Storage