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Investment Casting

Stainless steel, carbon steel and low alloy steel for use in industries spanning construction, marine, automotive, and domestic appliances to name but a few have all been produced by Acewell. From our purpose built fabrication facility to tried and tested production line, Acewell has the expertise and experience to produce investment casting products to the highest standards and requirements.

Product Development

Before mass fabrication, product design and development is a key step in ensuring reliable production, product operation and overall project success. At Acewell we welcome OEM customers from all industries to cooperate in the design and development phase. Our in-house team of engineers have the equipment and experience to assist at every level. From tooling design, fabrication and testing all the way to turn key cast parts, Acewell has it covered.

Finished to Perfection

Along with a certificate of quality compliance for both of the chemical composition and mechanical properties, our extended range of post fabrication services include heat treatment and machining. Additional processes and checks can be put in place to ensure all products meet our customers requirements.